Ep. 29 The Rebirth

Whew. IT'S BEEN A MINUTE!! To be honest, I wasn't sure if this podcast would survive... But, the stars realigned and Baby D (Daniel Dunn) and Me (Jason Whorton) are back! With Daniel in school and new baby boy born, (I plenty busy myself) life got hectic for a while. But after a recent chat during coffee one afternoon, we decided we wanted to bring it back! So this is The Rebirth. We do what we do, examining life and the crazy things we do as humans with our wierd egos. We catch up a little bit with where we are as a whole culturally and find a way to relate it to Jiu Jitsu as usual. While politics and religion are never safe, we come full circle and in for a soft landing. Is this podcast SFW, you ask? Most definitely not. Plenty of 'F' bombs to go around per usual. You didn't ask for it.. but you got it.      

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