Ep. 14 Crobert

 For your listening pleasure, today's Episode features our conversation of the week about the happenings and going-ons since we last talked. Gather around your household radios to listen to our commentary on social media and some social media stories, some mind-altering substances, the season of Black Friday, some business and sales talk including the importance of maintaining a since of humanity, even if you sell something. Also we ask questions about what people really want in life and having/maintaining primary focus. We switch gears into the Captain America: Civil War trailer, which dropped this week so we break that down, we talk some other trailers as well. We also get into some Jessica Jones which premiered on Netflix last week. Some Marvel versus DC cinematic universe and finally we wrap up nicely with the latest Episode breakdown of Season 6 Episode 07 'Heads up' of The Walking Dead! It was a great one! So much excitement and entertainment!!!  

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