Happy Halloween! This week's episode features our commentary on everything from low-budget-happy accidents in movies to differences in books and movie adaptations. Daniels talks about some horror flicks he watched this week in celebration including the Poltergeist remake. Marvel ramping up each movie with character additions, how Man of Steel holds up the second-time around, David Goyer defending his writing decisions in Man of Steel. We talk about Wim Hof, the man who climbed Mount Everest in shorts and what he has to say about the benefits of the cold and the mind. Some news including a cryo-chamber mishap/death this week. A juicy, thick chunk of Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 3 'Thank You' breakdown and speculation for what's next. Fear the Walking Dead, the great first season and speculation of what's to come in Season 2. So excited! Also some new AMC shows. Party!!

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